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UCLA Strategic Plan for Diversity

The following documents are posted here for campuswide review: UCLA Principles of Community and drafts of the Overview of UCLA's Diversity Plan and the UCLA Strategic Plan For Diversity. If you would like provide input, email your comments to:


The Campus Strategic Plan for Diversity is drawn from five papers developed in the areas of faculty diversity, graduate education, undergraduate student affairs, undergraduate education, and campus staff. These papers form the underpinnings and expanded discussion about strategies for addressing various areas of diversity as they affect these various components of the campus community. Below you will find links to these five reports.

A. The Faculty Diversity Action Plan: Focus On Ladder Rank Faculty
Rosina M. Becerra
Vice Provost, Faculty Diversity & Development

B. Toward a Strategic Plan to Enhance
Diversity in Graduate Education at UCLA

Claudia Mitchell-Kernan
Vice Chancellor Graduate Studies
Dean, Graduate Division

C. Educating Leaders for Diverse and Global Communities
Judith L. Smith
Dean/Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education

D. Meeting Our Students Where They Are:
Student Affairs Strategic Plan for Diversity

Janina Montero
Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs

E. Staff Diversity at UCLA: Achievements and Challenges
Lubbe Levin
Associate Vice Chancellor for Campus Human Resources