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Disabilities Resources

For a complete listing of campus wide resources, visit UCLA Disability Access Web.

For a summary of campus wide resources, download UCLA Disability Resources (PDF)

Chancellor's ADA & 504 Compliance Office was created in 1986 to coordinate and monitor campus compliance with requirements of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 as amended, and the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. The office provides guidance and evaluates efforts to improve access to campus facilities and programs, develops procedures to correct access deficiencies, recommends appropriate remedial actions, and coordinates the implementation of the ADA transition plan.

Committee on Disability (UCOD) was formed in 1983 to advise the Chancellor and campus administration regarding issues related to disability. Activities include disability awareness and inclusion events, efforts to enact a Disability Studies minor at UCLA, and advisement regarding the misuse of disabled parking placards at UCLA. The UCOD consists of members from six constituency groups across campus (staff, faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students, alumni, and community) as well as ex-officio members from campus entities relevant to disability. They serve by appointment on subcommittees including architectural barriers, transportation and parking, recruitment and retention, and public relations.

Disabilities and Computing Program at Academic Technology Services helps coordinate and provides computing services for students, faculty, and staff who have permanent or temporary disabilities regarding computer and assistive technology. Major services include voice recognition, reading machines, and large-print displays.

Located in 308 Kerckhoff Hall, Disabled Students Union (DSU) is a student group that represents the undergraduate disabled students at UCLA. It works to increase the personal, social, and academic opportunities for students with disabilities, and to develop resources to expand accessibility and awareness of disability-related issues on campus. Phone: 794-4109 (voice)

Healthcare Human Resources is a service department that provides specialized vocational rehabilitation services for Medical Center faculty and staff with disabilities. Services include consultation and counseling in work site modification, job analysis, identification and assessment of assistive technological equipment/devices, and compliance with the reasonable accommodation provision of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Library Services for Users with Disabilities provides accessibility of library materials, programs, and services to all users. Staff members working in public service areas of the campus libraries will make every effort to accommodate requests from users with disabilities.

Office for Students with Disabilities provides a wide range of academic support services to students with permanent and temporary disabilities in compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Academic support services include readers, notetakers or purchased ASUCLA lecture notes, sign language interpreters, learning disabilities program, special parking, registration assistance, fee deferments authorized by the California Department of Rehabilitation, on-campus transportation, campus orientation and accessibility, proctor and test-taking arrangements, tutorial referral, housing assistance, support groups, workshops, special materials, adaptive equipment, etc.

Accessibility Services provide transportation-related support services for enrolled students with temporary or permanent disabilities.

UCLA Extension Disable Student Services Office provides appropriate accommodations and support services to students with disabilities. These include auxiliary aids/services ranging from notetakers, audiotaping of courses, sign language interpreters, assistive-listening devices for hearing-impaired individuals, extended time for and proctoring of exams, and registration assistance.